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Frequently Asked Questions
| Marcin Tarnawski

  1. I don't have a diploma yet, I can't enroll in the selected field/specialization.
    In the "EDUCATION" tab:
    click "Add document"
    Select the document type
    Enter the year of obtaining the document (2024)
    Select the country where you obtained the document
    Click "Save"
    Ready! The system will allow you to register for the selected field/specialization.

  2. I cannot complete all personal information.
    Click on the "Registration" menu and select enrollment for the 2024/2025 academic year.
    Then click "my account" > "Personal forms" and complete the data.

  3. The system still displays a message asking you to complete your education information.
    Perhaps there is still no information about completed high school.
    Click "my account" > "Personal Forms" > "Education" and complete the fields marked with an asterisk in the "High school" section.

  4. I don't see my account number in the "Payments" tab.
    Sign up for the selected field/specialization. The system will generate an individual account number after saving and completing the forms.