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Logging into the USOS system

| Marcin Tarnawski

Logging in to the account in the USOS system for Candidates with a PESEL number:

login: name.surname
password: LAST 5 digits of the PESEL number and initials (lower case) - e.g. 12345ab

Candidates who do not have a PESEL number - in order to obtain login details, please contact the Student Service Office.

Instrumental Department - bachelor studies: bos3@amfn.pl, master studies: bos1@amfn.pl
Jazz Faculty - bos4@amfn.pl
Postgraduate Studies and PhD Studies - bos4@amfn.pl

If your name and surname are the same as those of another person who already has an account in our USOS system (no possibility to log in), you should add successive digits (starting from 1) to the login: name.surname1, name.surname2 etc.


| Marcin Tarnawski

Questions regarding recruitment for the academic year can be sent to rekrutacja@amfn.pl

From April 2024, it will also be possible to contact us by phone or via the IRK system.


| Marcin Tarnawski

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