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Enrollment for first and second cycle degree programmes for the 2021/2022 academic year

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Exam dates and schedule | 1st and 2nd cycle degree

| Marcin Tarnawski

- August 31

  •  set up an account in the IRK system
  • enter personal data
  • enroll in the chosen field of study / specialization
  • generate an application from the IRK system
  • make the enrollment fee (150 PLN, 38 1240 3493 1111 0000 4279 1373, title: [name and surname] + oplata rekrutacyjna + [field of study and degree]
  • send signed application and admission fee to AMFN (ul. Slowackiego 7, 85-008 Bydgoszcz, Poland)

until August 31

  • upload files with recordings / scores / porfolio to the IRK system (details in the Terms and conditions)

    In case of no access to the instrument or other circumstances preventing the recording, please report to the Recruitment Office (HELP tab) in order to determine the possibility of taking the exam in a stationary mode.

September 13 - 15

  • online entrance exams.

    The links to the meetings will be sent to the candidates no later than the day before the exam.

until September 22